Ghost shooter chaos Feedback 

this is what ghost do after they kill you

ghost tornado



in this game, the goal is to survive as long as you can while shooting ghosts. one ghost is not like the others, though


  • does my game work?
  • is there anything I can fix?

Peer Feedback

    • brev: the game works, but the fact that the monsters are one hit and spawn so slowly make the game repetitive and boring after a while, maybe make them spawn faster, and maybe make more red monsters spawn later those are a nice challenge.
    • Jessica: on aden’s game, anybody else getting bullets coming out of something invisible? quite literally a ‘ghost shooter’, I cant tell if that’s only on my end or notadding onto what brev said about red monsters, it’s definitely a challenge in the sense that you’re hoping more doesn’t spawn after you get to know it’s existence

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